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The technology of ultrasonic flowmeter

The last ten years ultrasonic flow meter is very popular not only in the laboratory but also in many industries such as industrial water treatment, industrial waste water treatment, food and beverage industry and chemical industry. Due to popular demand, Ultrasonic flow meter effective enough because the price is not too expensive and inexpensive installation costs and maintenance costs can be said to be free maintenance

Another advantage is the use of ultrasonic flow meter accuracy is adequate and flexible. With ultrasonic flow meters, the user can choose from a variety of electronic packages, and also use the device in areas requiring explosion-proof devices. value-added benefits this provides a striking contrast to the turbine or variable-area flow meters, which is less accurate, offers the ability to output less invasive to the process media.

As any engineer knows, ultrasonic flow meters measure the velocity of a liquid through a pipe by using ultrasonic transducers. The results are variable depending on the temperature, density or viscosity of the liquid. Some meters are also able to measure the liquid level and this, with the pipe size, enables the correct calculation of the flow rate and total discharge involved.