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Sibas Heavy Duty Connector

SIBAS Connector is a professional production of industrial all kinds of plugs, sockets, cable connectors, sensor connectors, industrial connectors and cable protection accessories manufacturers, its manufactured products enjoy a good reputation in the industry, recognized for our customers .

Model of Heavy duty Sibas connector :

HA series compact connector

HA series sibas connector is also known as a compact connector smaller shape, for applications that require installation size smaller applications, the the wiring form of screws Crimp and cold pressing wiring in the form. 3-pin, 4-pin, 10-pin, 16-pin, 32-pin different specifications, including 3-pin and 4-pin specifications shell plastic housing and metal casing can choose. read more …….

HE series standard connectors

HE series standard sibas connectors, is also the most widely used class of connectors, usually can be divided into the screw type, shrapnel, Crimp crimping type, two-terminal type. Screw crimp type for the most common type. The connectors rated current 16A, voltage of 500V. 6-pin, 10-pin, 16-pin, 24-pin, 32-pin, 48-pin different specifications . read more …..