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Kofloc Flowmeter With Precision Needle Valve Model RK1250 Series

Flowmeter with Precision Needle Valve ( for Accurate Flow Control)


Model RK1250 Series Flowmeter is a completely renewed model of existing KOFLOC RK1200,designed as a flowmeter that can be integrated into the customer’s equipment.A happy combination of a grade high precision float type flowmeter with a needle valve capable of very accurate flow control provides a flowmeter ideal for measurement and control of trace flows.


– Capable of controlling

ultra-minute flows

Can respond to a

wide range of flows from ultra-minute flows of 0.5-3 ml/min to flows of 3-30


– The incorporated precision

needle valve allows a delicate control of flows.

The effective

revolving speed of the needle valve can be maximized by specifying a maximum

flow and normal supply pressure.

– Wide variations

Four total lengths

of the flowmeter are available:126,156,206,and 256 mm,for your selection

according to your needs.

– Two types of valve