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VSE positive displacement flow meters


VS positive displacement flow meters are volume rate measuring sensors based on the meshing gear principle and are designed for use with liquids. Two precisely matched gear wheels are enclosed in a very accurately machined housing. Gear rotation is sensed by a noncontacting signal pick-up System. Each work produces one signal.

Performance data

Flow range 0,002 up to 525 l/min

Pressure range up to 450 bar

Temperature range -40 up to +210°C

Frequency range up to 2000 Hz

Viscosity range 1 up to 100.000 cSt


Measurement and dosing technology

Hydraulic systems

Monitoring technology systems

Open/closed loop control

Process control

Automobile industry

Plastics technology

VSI Series – High definition with special preamplifier

As a very high resolution is necessary for precise and exact flow measurements, the volume measurement Vm must be resolved even more than with conventional preamplifiers. VSE has therefore developed the preamplifier with interpolation, with which a selectable resolution of up to 64 flanks (16 pulses) per period can be attained.

This individually programmed high resolution enables to set the volume measurement Vm optimally for each provided case of application. Furthermore, new applications can be availed with the higher resolution. With the VSI flow meter, measuring, controlling and regulating in lower flow ranges, in zero flow, in both flow directions as well as dosing and filling of small volumes becomes possible.


Accurate volume measurement

Fast detection of flow changes

Higher accuracy, faster response times

Higher frequency with low flow rates

Measuring media with high viscosity

Precise measurement and dosage of volume

Better and more precise operations of digital controls

Faster and better analogue output

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