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P16 SERIES hydraulic pump


Construction Cast iron pumping sections for durability Aluminum body and flange for excellent power to weight ratio Journal bearings for long life and good over-hung load capacity Buna-N seals are standard for petrolium & glycol based fluids – “Viton®” seals are optional

Preasuse balanced plates for greater efficiency Available Configurations P16 – Standard TP16 – Tandem, 2 and 3 Place PVP16 – Priority Vavle CP16 – Clutch Pump, “V” Belt and Serpintine TP-PVP – Combination P16 with Priority Vavle PB16-P12 – Piggy Back HP16 – High Preasure THP16 – Tandem High Preasure FPR16 – Cast Iron, Bi-directional P16, TP16, PVP16, CP16, TP16-PVP16 Models Fluid displacements to 3.9 cir (63.9 ccr) Preasures to 3000 psi (206 bar) Flow range to 38 gpm (143.8 lpm) per section, the TP16 is 32 gpm (121 lpm) Prioity Flow range 2 to 10 gpm (7.5-37.8 lpm) standard (PVP16 only) PB16-P12 Model

Flow ranges Front pump to 42 gpm (158.9 lpm) Rear pump to 42 gpm (158.9 lpm) Displacements

Rear pump to 0.90 cir (14.3 ccr) Preasures Front pump to 3000 psi (206 bar) Rear pump to 2500 psi (172 bar) HP16 & THP16 Models Displacements to 4.8 cir (79.8 ccr) Preasures to 3100 psi (213 bar) Flow range to 46 gpm (174 lpm) per section THP16 – 42 (158.9 lpm) per section FPR16 Model Displacements to 3.902 cir (63.9 ccr) Preasures to 3000 psi (206 bar) Flow range to 42 gpm (159 lpm) per section All cast iron construction

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