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Fine Tek Level Transmitter

10.RF-Capacitance Level Transmitter-EB Series


Capacitance Level Indicator: Utilizes the capacitance formed between the sensing probe and the metallic vessel wall. A high frequency sine-wave is applied between the probe and the vessel wall. A change of the medium level will induce a change in the current of the applied sine wave. From Z=1/2pfc, when the capacitance in the vessel increase, impedance will decrease and current will increase. Vice-versa, when the capacitance in the vessel is small, the impedance will increase and current will decrease accordingly.


  • Suitable for high temperature, high pressure and corrosive environment.

  • Not affected by noisy, dusty, misty and changes in the temperature.

  • No blind distance, ideal for different tanks.

  • Economic for large tanks

  • 4~20mA output compatible for most control systems

11.Magnetic Float Level Transmitter-FG Series


“Magnet Float Level Indicator” is composed of the float and sensing rod (shown as below). As the float raised or lowered by liquid level, the sensing rod will have a resistance output, which is directly proportional to the liquid level. Also, the float level indicator can be equipped with the TAB-1531 (please see page 3) to produce a 0/4~20mA signal. In addition, we can use with PB series bargraphic display scaling panel meter for level control and display. Anyway, “Magnet Float Level Indicator” is a great benefit to all kinds of industries with its easy working principle and reliability.


  • Every sensing element is protected by a plastic package, safety in use and transport.

  • High performance and reliability of electric circuit modular designed.

  • Lower installation costs, less maintenance, reduced personnel training, and decreased plant shock down time.

12. By-Pass Level Transmitter-EF Series