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Diesel Flow Meter DFM series

Fuel flow meter DFM is designed for diesel fuel consumptionmeasuring in the fuel line of the following vehicles:

  • trucks;

  • tractive vehicles;

  • tractors of various types;

  • loaders;

  • graders;

  • road-building machinery;

  • Inline fuel meter DFM can be applied for fuel accounting both autonomously and as a part of vehicle tracking and fuel monitoring system. Fuel gauge DFM allows to solve the following tasks:

  • fuel consumption control;

  • fuel consumption rationing;

  • fuel theft detecting and preventing;

  • fuel comsumption optimization and real-time monitoring;

  • engine fuel consumption testing.

  • Fuel meter DFM enables to receive objective information about actual fuel consumptionand vehicle working time. It also permits to reduce fuel and repairing costs. It is possible to develop fuel consumption rates for selected routes and technological operations.

The economic effect of using the fuel accounting devices is different at various companies, usually about 10 to 40%, depending on the baseline situation and management persistence

  • boilers;

  • boats;

  • burners;

  • technological transport;

  • fixed installations with diesel engines etc.

Operating principle

Fuel gauge DFM has three-dimension ring type measuring chamber. DFМ generates an impulse, when the volume of fuel (which is equal to volume of the measuring chamber) passes through it.

Measured fluids

Fuel flow meter DFМ can be used for consumption measuring of the following fluids:diesel fuel;

heating oil; engine oil; other types of liquids with kinematic viscosity from 1.5 to 6 mm2/sec*.

Application for more viscous liquids is also possible, but the maximum consumption may get less than critical and the pressure on the meter gets down. All the meters DFM are tested with diesel fuel. Please specify the fuel type and viscosity in your order. The materials resistant to gasoline are used for DFМ manufacturing. Use safety means in accordance with the national laws when working with gasoline.


  • protection against unauthorized interference and tampering with the meter;

  • resistant to vibration and hydraulic impacts;

  • big in-built mud filter;

  • meets road standards of electromagnetic compatibility, mechanical and climatic influences;

  • durable and precise measurement zinc-aluminum chamber;

  • full set of mounting accessories;

  • all the fuel flow meters DFM are tested on the metrologically certified installation when produced.

  • Mounting

Fuel meters DFМ are mounted into fuel line of vehicles according to approved installation schemes. Fuel pipe and mounting kit can be additionally included in delivery package. We strongly recommend to seal pipe connections after the fuel flow meter output.

To get the detailed information about fuel gauges DFМ installation please contact to Technical Support.

  • Measurement scope and accuracy






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