NT Series Nanaboshi Connector

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Nanaboshi Circular connector series NT banyak di gunakan di industri manufacture yang merupakan bagian dari komponen mesin.

NT Series Nanaboshi Connector


S Type G Type

NT-504-PF12 NT-504-RM NT-504-PM12 NT-504- RF

NT-504- PF16 NT-504-RM NT-504-RM16 NT-504-PM1

NT-504- PF20 NT-504-RM NT-504-PM20 NT-504-RF

NT-504- PF24 NT-504-RM NT-504-PM24 NT-504-RF

NT-5010 -PF12 NT-5010-RM NT-5010-PM12 NT-5010-RF

NT-5010- PF16 NT-5010-RM NT -5010-PM16 NT-5010-RF

NT-5010- PF20 NT-5010-RM NT-5010-PM20 NT-5010-RF

NT-5010- PF24 NT-5010-RM NT-5010-PM24 NT-5010-RF

NT-5012- PF12 NT-5012-RM NT-5012-PM12 NT-5012-RF

NT-5012- PF16 NT-5012-RM NT-5012-PM16 NT-5012-RF

NT-5012- PF20 NT-5012-RM NT-5012-PM20 NT-5012-RF

NT-5012- PF24 NT-5012-RM NT-5012-PM24 NT-5012-RF

NT-5015- PF12 NT-5015-RM NT-5015-PM12 NT-5015-RF

NT-5015- PF16 NT-5015-RM NT-5015-PM16 NT-5015-RF

NT-5015- PF20 NT-5015-RM NT-5015-PM20 NT-5015-RF

NT-5015- PF24 NT-5015-RM NT-5015-PM24 NT-5015-RF

Model/ series dari Connector Nanaboshi untuk info lebih lanjut silahkan di click/ download :

  1. NET Nanaboshi connector

  2. NEW Nanaboshi Connector

  3. NJC Nanaboshi Connector

  4. NR Nanaboshi Connector

  5. NJW Connector Nanaboshi

  6. NRW Nanaboshi Connector

  7. NCS Connector Nanaboshi

  8. NWPC Nanaboshi Connector

  9. NT Connector Nanaboshi

  10. NHVC Connector Nanaboshi

  11. NMI Connector Nanaboshi

  12. R Series Connector Nanaboshi

  13. Coaxial Connector Nanaboshi

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