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Brainchild Configuration & editing Software Panel Studio

Brainchild Configuration & editing Software Panel Studio


Powerful and user friendly Panel Studio editing software supports many PLC drivers. Good features include Fine components, Trends, Alarms, bar-graphs, Recipes, Multilingual. Scripts, Data logging, Remote Viewer Vector graphics, Symbol factory, Online/Offline Simulation for Rapid application development.


  • Free, powerful and friendly HMI editing software

  • 2-editing styles in both GUI wizard and Property grid

  • Lots of fine-made objects of Meters, Sliders, Digital LED, Check boxes, Combo boxes, Number Up/Down, etc.

  • 112 basic symbols, high-resolution, vector format, some in 6 colors, flipped and rotatable in 4 directions in design time

  • Basic symbols support moving and 32 band run-time animation on background color, visibility, flip, rotation

  • Optional Symbol Factory with symbols over 4K, flipping, rotating in 4 directions, changing color in

  • design time

  • Symbol Factory control allows 50 band run-time animation, each band in different colors or blinking

  • Picture box to import pictures in bmp, wmf, jpg, gif & png formats

  • Drawing tools like rectangle, ellipse, etc., maximum 32 bands, each band with visible control, filling color & blinking

  • Drawing tools like rectangle, ellipse, etc., with run-time animation like filling, moving & sizing

  • Many PLC drivers supported on both Serial & Ethernet ports via OPC server

  • Data exchange between two different PLCs as a gateway

  • Diagnostic tools for drivers like OPC server & OPC client to test communication between PC and

  • PLC directly

  • IO poll groups, different scan rates for PLC tags, possible to scan tags always or only tags on active page

  • Retentive and non-retentive internal variables available for mathematical calculation

  • 3 types of screens in Page, Template and Pop-up

  • The Scheduler to trigger actions at specific time or time intervals

  • Recipe management to create data elements and data records in design time

  • Recipe viewer to edit data records and transfer setpoints from HMI to PLC and vice versa in run- time

  • Real-time alarms in 7 types, historical alarms and alarm management in maximum 9 groups

  • Alarm banner to display the latest alarm in single line

  • Real-time trends and historical trends, with maximum 24 pens for each component

  • Bit-wise alarms for integer tag received from PLC

  • Data stored in internal memory or optional SD card

  • Data logging by 4 methods, 2 types and 10 rates

  • Data acquisition software Historical Viewer to view historical data and alarms on PC

  • Security management used for maximum 100 users divided by 9-authority levels

  • Script/Macro programmed in C language for mathematical and logical calculation

  • Run-time user administration done by user-view component

  • Software in multilingual, easy for local application engineers

  • Multilingual on the display, easy for users, maximum 30 languages

  • Online simulation to test application program quickly by simulating it on PC while connecting with PLC

  • Offline simulation to test application program by simulating it on PC without connecting with PLC

  • Copy screens between projects to save developing time