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Rotary Paddle Level Switch Parker JC7

A level switch is a device used to detect the level of substances such as liquid, chemical solvent, powders, lumps within tanks, silos, and hoppers. In addition, a level switch prevents overfilling of tanks and silos and ensures tanks do not run too low, possibly interrupting production.

JB series Rotary Paddle Level Switch

Features :

  • A compact type product that can be easily maintained and repaired in small spaces

  • Optimum for controlling powders and fine particles such as flour, wheat, sugar, and plastic materials.

  • Highly sensitive with buil-in springs that can be adjusted to four levels

  • Usable in various kinds of small hoppers such as grain tanks and rice husk tanks



Model Choice

JC7 series Rotary Paddle Level Switch

Features :

  • Detection of the heights of stored goods

  • Using mechanical detection methods, these types are not affected by temperatures, humidity, gases, etc. in the tank

  • Made with aluminum cases, these types can be installed and used outdoors

  • Made with alumimum cases, these types can be installed and used outdorrs

  • Customizatin with a various length of shaft.

Operation principle

  • Operated with mechanical structures, JC7 series detect the heights of stored goods through the rotational movements of their wings

  • The wings are rotated by the motor. When resistance is generated on the wings by stored goods, the two micro-switches are operated by the built-in cam.

  • The first switch turns the control circuit on/off and the next switch turns off the motor to prevent motor overload



More information please click : Parker level switch

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