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Ultrasonic Level Sensor Honda HD350

Honda Ultrasonic Level Meter HD Series

HD serie Honda Elecronic Level Sensor are Level Sensor use ultrasound to count distance of level liquid


  • Compact and light weight level meter which include sensor and display in one unit.

  • Digital signal processor realized accurate measurement Graphical display

  • Mask function equipped. : Unnecessary signal can be eliminated from the received signal by manually. Echo signal from existing structure positioned between sensor and target cause interference. Mask function removes these unnecessary echo effectively.

  • Wide measurement range

  • HD350-A:0.3 – 10 m

  • HD350-B:0.15 – 4 m

For screen mode can be selected


Three interface methods are prepared for remote operation.

  • RS-485 (MODBUS protocol)

  • 4 – 20 mA current output

  • Contact points (relay output)

Application :

  • Level control of liquid, powder or grain in a tank

  • Level measurement of lakes, ponds or rivers

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