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Flow Control Valve Kofloc

A flow control valve controls the flow rate based on the change of resistance of the flow channel using a needle to adjust the opening of the flow channel that functions as a small orifice. Flow control valves come in a simply type, precision type, and bellows type. Use an appropriate type according to the price, accuracy, and usage. Gas and liquid constant flow valves, shut-off valves, proportional solenoid valves, and many other types of valve are also available.

Gas Flow Control Vlave

Small Proportional Solenoid Valve MODEL 3000 SERIES

Precision Needle Valve w/Non-rotary Needle MODEL 2412 SERIES

Multidial Type Precision Needle Valve MODEL 2412M SERIES

Bellows Needle Valve MODEL 2450 SERIES

Simplified Paramount Miniature Needle Valve MODEL 2400 SERIES