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Kofloc Compact Readout Unit MODEL CR-400 Mass Flow Meter

Compact Readout Unit MODEL CR-400 Mass Flow Meter

The CR-400 readout unit, when connected to your mass flow control-ler or meter with a cable, provides the key mass flow functions, such as flow measurement and control as well as cumulative flow calcula-tions and flow event outputs. This readout unit offers RS-485 commu-nications capability, so multiple readout units can be controlled online by a host computer. * The CR-400 is fully compatible in size with the CR-300.

Features :

• Total flow is displayed in 8 digits : The upper 4 digits and the lower 4 digits are shown alternately. • Various event outputs are available. • With a width of 73mm and height of 73mm, it takes up little space. • Equipped with forced open/close operation of mass flow controller valve. • External control terminals are provided on the rear for remote control • Mass flow control by RS-485 communications • A lock key prevents accidental operation. • Mass flow power : ±15 VDC (300 mA) • Mass flow power: ±15 VDC (300 mA)

Standard Spesifications :

1. Mass flow control : Flow setting, forced valve open/close operation and zero cut

2. Mass flow input/output : 0–5 VDC

3. Number of display digits : Instantaneous flow: 4 digits, total flow: 8 digits (upper and lower 4 digits shown alternately)

4. Display accuracy : Instantaneous flow: Within ±0.1% F.S. ±1 digit

5. Event output : 2 outputs (selected from instantaneous upper limit, instantaneous lower limit, instantaneous upper/lower limits, and set total) Open collector output (max. rating: 50 V, 50 mA)

6. Power consumption : Approx. 25 W

7. AC power supply: 85–264 VAC, 48–440 Hz

8. Weight and dimensions : Approx. 400 g, 73 W × 73 H × 119.5 D mm

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