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Euchner Safety Device

EUCHNER is one of the world’s leading companies in the area of industrial safety engineering.

With products from the three divisions Automation, Safety and ManMachine, EUCHNER has made a major contribution to its customers’ business success. Flat communications structures make it possible to take decisions near on the market and to react to market changes fast and flexibly. New products are often developed not simply on behalf of but in collaboration with long-term customers.

As a family business, over more than 3 generations we have always kept an eye on the suggestions and wishes of our customers. This attitude is the key to our success. Our customers also attribute to us characteristics such as innovative strength and flexibility – and that of course with the highest possible quality.

Euchner Product Range


1. Safety Switch

Safety Switch N1A Safety Switch NB01 Safety Switch NZ Safety Switch NZ.VZ Safety Switch NZ.VZ.VSSafety Switch TZ Safety Switch NX Safety Switch TX Safety Switch SGA Safety Switch STASafety Switch NM Safety Switch NM.VZ Safety Switch NP Safety Switch GP Safety Switch TPSafety Switch SGP Safety Switch STP Safety Switch STM Safety Switch NQ Safety Switch TQSafety Switch TK Safety Switch ESH

2. Safety Systems

MGB-AP MGB-AR MGB-PN (Profinet) CES-A evaluation CES-AZ evaluation CES-FD-AP CES read headsCEM read heads CET-AX read heads Key adapter CKS CES-A-.5 CES-AH CES-AP CES-ARCET-AP CET-AR CET-AS External evaluation CMS CMS read heads SFM (AS-Interface)GMO (AS-Interface) GMO-X (AS-Interface) SMO-X (AS-Interface) SOM (AS-Interface) BCM (AS-Interface) SBM (AS-Interface) ESL-AR

3. Safety Relay, model ESM

4. Enabling Switch, model ZSA, ZSG, ZSE and ZXE, ZSB, ZSR, ZSM

5. Emergency Stop Device, model ES

6. Rope Pull Switch, model RPS, RPS-M


1. Multiple Limit Switch

Model RGBF Model SN 12/16 mm Model SN 8 mm Model SB 8 mm Model GSBF 12/16 mm Model GSBF 8 mm Model GLBF 12/16 mm Model GLBF 8 mm

2. Single Limits Switch

Model N01 Model NB01 Model SN01 Model N1A Model N10 Model N11 Model ENA Model ESN

3. Single Hole Fixing Limits Switch, model EGT, EGM, EGZ

4. Positioning Switch EN50041, model NG

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