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Flow meters for compressed air and gas

Flow meters from CS Instruments work according to the calorimetric measuring principle. This means, while measuring the thermal mass flow or standard volume flow, no additional temperature and pressure compensation is necessary. The standard volume is a common volumetric unit used to compare gas quantities at different pressures and temperatures. In order to meet various standards, the reference conditions can be set directly on the display of each flow meter. Thus, our reliable flow meters provide consumption and flow measurement within the individual standard our customers wish to use them.

Kind of Thermal Mass Flow meter :

1. VA 500 Flow sensor for compressed air and gas

Contrary to the previously used bridge circuit the newly developed evaluation electronics of our flow sensor records all measured values digitally. This leads to a better accuracy also in case of large measuring spans of 1:1000.

Special features of flow sensor VA 500:
  • RS 485 interface, Modbus-RTU as a standard

  • Option integrated display for m³/h and m³

  • Usable from 1/2“ to 12“ (DN 300)

  • Easy installation under pressure

  • 4…20 mA analogue output for m³/h resp. m³/min

  • Pulse output for m³

  • Inner diameter adjustable via keypad

  • Consumption counter resettable

  • Adjustable values at the display of the flow sensor: Reference conditions, °C and mbar, 4…20 mA scaling, pulse weight

2. VA 520 – Affordable Mass Flow Meter for Compressed Air and Gas

The new affordable mass flow meter VA 520 works according to the approved calorimetric measuring principle. An additonal pressure and temperature compenstation is not necessary. Contrary to the previously used bridge circuit the newly developed evaluation electronics records all measured values digitally. This enables very precise and fast measurements.

Due to the new evaluation electronics, all VA 520 models have an integrated Modbus output as a standard. So all parameters can be easily transferred via Modbus.

Due to its compact design it is possible to monitor all compressed air systems from the compressor to the smallest compressed air tool (1/4“ to 2 inch) with the new mass flow sensor VA 520. VA 500 flow sensors are available for larger pipe diameters from DN 50 to DN 300. Apart from compressed air also other gases like e.g. nitrogen, oxygen and CO2 can be measured.

Versions of our Mass Flow Meter VA 520

3. VA 550 Flow sensor for heavy duty industrial applications

The immersion sensor VA 550 is the ideal flow sensor for installation into existing compressed air resp. gas lines from 3/4“ up to DN 500.

Special mechanical features:

  • Robust impact-proof aluminum die cast housing for the outdoor area IP 67

  • All medium-touching parts made from stainless steel 1,4571

  • As immersion sensor suitable for 3/4“ up to DN 500

  • On request with ATEX approval ATEX II 2G Ex d IIC T4

  • On request with DVGW approval for natural gas (up to 16 bar)

  • Pressure range up to 50 bar, special version up to 100 bar

  • Temperature range up to 180 °C

  • No moving parts, no wearout

  • Sensor tip very robust, easy to clean

  • Easy mounting and dismounting under pressure via 1/2“ ball valve

  • Housing twistable, display twistable by 180°

  • Safety ring for mounting and dismounting under pressure

  • Depth scale for precise installation

Special measurement technology features:

  • 4 values in the display: Nm³/h, Nm³, Nm/s, °C units freely adjustable

  • Min/max values and daily/hours/minutes average values freely adjustable

  • All measured values, settings like gas type, inner diameter, serial number and so on retrievable via Modbus RTU

  • Comprehensive diagnosis functions readable at the display or remote access via Modbus like e. g. exceeding of max/min values °C, calibration cycle, error codes, serial number, all parameters readable and adjustable

  • Notification in case of exceeding of the calibration cycle

  • Standard version accuracy 1.5 % of m.v. ± 0.3 % of f.s.

  • Precision version accuracy 1.0 % of m.v. ± 0.3 % of f.s. up to

  • 40 calibration points with certificate

  • Measuring span of 1 : 1000 (0.1 up to 224 m/s)

  • Configuration and diagnosis via display, hand-held instrument

  • PI 500, PC service software on-site

  • Gas type (air, nitrogen, oxygen, argon and so on) freely adjustable

  • Reference conditions °C and mbar/hPa freely adjustable

  • Zero-point adjustment, leak flow volume suppression

  • Pressure loss negligible

  • Flow measurement in both directions via flow direction switch

4. VA 570 – Flow sensor with integrated measuring section

Flow sensor VA 570 is supplied with an integrated measuring section. The measuring sections are available in flanged version or with R resp. NPT thread.

A special feature is the removable measuring head. So the measuring unit can be removed easily and quickly for calibration or cleaning purposes without having to dismount the measuring section intricately. During this period the measuring section is sealed by a closing cap (accessory).

The screwing with centring device ensures that the sensor is positioned accurately in the centre when screwing it into the measuring section furthermore it grants an exact positioning in the flow direction. This avoids unnecessary measuring faults.

The new flow sensors VA 550/ 570 works according to the calorimetric measuring principle. Therefore an additional temperature and pressure compensation is not necessary.

Due to its robust design, the aluminum die cast housing, the robust sensor tip made from stainless steel 1,4571, the new VA 550/ 570 are suitable for demanding industrial applications. An ATEX version is available for applications in explosive areas. For flow measurement e. g. of natural gas there is a version with a DVWG admission.

Contrary to the previously used bridge circuit the newly developed evaluation electronics records all measured values digitally. This allows very precise and fast measurements with a wide temperature range of up to 180 °C (resp. 350 °C). The measuring span is 1…1000 and enables therefore measurements in very low as well as in very high flow speeds of up to 224 m/s.

VA 550/ 570 has an integrated Modbus output as a standard with which all parameters like Nm³/h, Nm³, Nm/s, Nl/min, Nl/s, kg/h, kg/min, ft/min, °C etc. can be transferred. All parameters can be adjusted directly at the instrument (via display) or via the PI 500 hand-held measuring instrument resp. the Service Software. Of course there are also 2 x 4…20 mA analogue outputs available for flow and temperature and a galvanically isolated pulse output for the total consumption.

A remote diagnosis can be carried out via Modbus and all relevant parameters can be checked and changed if necessary. So it is possible to change e. g. the gas type, the inner diameter, the scaling and so on or the zero point resp. the leak flow volume suppression in case of changed process conditions.

Via remote diagnosis and status update e. g. temperature exceeding, failures of the sensor or the calibration date can be determined.

more information please click Catalog Thermal Mass Flow Meters

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