Level Switch


  • Detection balls and detection rods are completely enclosed and thus the products are not affected by pressure, vacuum, or gases

  • The lead switch is enclosed in a glass tube containing inert gas and thus the products operate safely in combustible ga...

Cylinder baik hydraulic maupun pneumatic umumya dilakukan perawatan secara berkala baik itu perawatan total hydraulic system dengan mengganti oli , filter dan lainnya maupun pada cylinder itu sendiri dengan penggantian seal kit dan rehardchrome rod piston. Untuk perawa...

Level Meter
Level Switch
Level Transmitter

Level sensor atau Level Control atau Level Tank merupakan peralatan untuk mengukur ketinggian suatu matrial didalam tempat tertentu baik tempat tertutup seperti tanki mauput terbuka seperti parit, bendungan, sungai atau laut. K...

Level Transmitter
Pressure Level


As the level of the liquid rises, the pressure in bottom part increases. Accordng to the difference of pressure, it is delivered to the gate of the sensor. And the pressure in the air pushes pressure cell. The electric signal...

Paddle Level Switch
Paddle Level Sensor
Powder Level Sensor
Grain Level Switch


The paddle of the sensor rotates 1 time per minute. As the content in the tank fills up and influences the rotation of the paddle to stop, the relay in the sensor activates.


DH Series
Level Switch
Horizontal Level Switch


The DH type level switch is used in the heavy oil, precipitate, sewage waste water, clean water, lubricating oil, and light oil tanks.

Operating principle
When the magnetic float type level switch  detects the su...

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