Kofloc Precision Flow Meter for Labolatory MODEL 1350 SERIES

Precision Flow Meter for Labolatory (with Stand for Precision Flow Measurement) MODEL 1350 SERIES

The easy-to-heandly RK1350 Series for laboratory use is ideal for high-precision measurement and control of very small flow.

Features : • Calibration with actual standard gases for high-precision flow control. • Control of very small flow. • Measurement of wide-ranging flow from 0.5-5 ML/MIN to 3-30 L/MIN • The flow meters come in four types with total length of 126, 156, 206, or 256mm

Standard Spesifications :

1. Fluids

Gas : Air, N2,O2,H2,He,Ar,CO2, (calibration with actual gas)

For other gases, please consult us regarding conversion conditions or calibration with the actual gas to be used.

*Option: Scales for two types of fluids

Liquid : Standard fluids (Water)

For other liquids, please consult us regarding conversion conditions or calibration with actual liquid to be used.

2. Flow range

Gas : 0.5-5ML/MIN (Refer to the Capacity List on page 55.)

*Option : 0.5-3 ML/MIN

Liquid : 0.5-5ML/MIN to 0.1-1L/MIN (Refer to the capacity Table on page 55.)

*Option : 0.5-3 ML/MIN

3. Accuracy

Gas : FS ±2% (Measurement point) *Option : FS ±1% (Measurement point)

Liquid : FS ±2% (Measurement point)

4. Proof Pressure

Gas : 100 ML/MIN or less : 1.0 Mpa

5 L/MIN or less : 0.7 Mpa

10 L/MIN or more : 0.5 MPa

Liquid : 5 ML/MIN or less : 1.0 Mpa

150 ML/MIN or less : 0.7Mpa

200 ML/MIN or less : 0.5 Mpa

Material SS BS

Body block SUS316 Brass

Tapered tube Pyrex®, glass

Packing FKM NBR

Float Pyrex®, SUS316, glass

Protective cover Acrylic resin

Temperature resistance MAX60℃

End connection Rc1/4 (Standard), Rc1/8 (Optional)

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