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Kofloc Large Capacity Flowmeters MODELS RK2000/RK2005/RK2006 SERIES

Large Capacity Flowmeters MODELS RK2000/RK2005/RK2006 SERIES

These are large capacity float type flowmeters. Flows within the ranges of 200 to 1,000 L/MIN (for gases) and 10 L/MIN to 30 L/MIN (for liquids) full scale can be measured and controlled.

Features : 1.Capable of measuring/controlling large flows of gases in the ranges of 200 to 1,000 L/MIN full scale (Air calibration) 2.Capable of measuring/controlling large flows of liquids in the ranges of 10 to 30 L/MIN full scale (Water calibration) 3.Low prices 4.Can be mounted onto various types of measuring instruments and sampling systems, and in diverse plants.

Standard Spesifications and Length Designations : 1. Fluids : Gases and liquids (Calibration conditions for other fluids) 2. Accuracy : Within FS±5% 3. Proof pressure : 0.7MPa 4. Materials : S BS 5. Body block and some other components : SUS304 Brass 6. Tapered tube : Pyrex®, glass 7. Packing : FKM, fluorocarbon resin NBR, POM 8. Float : SUS304 9. Protective cover : Acrylic resin 10. Temperature resistance : MAX 60℃ (RK2000), 10-30℃ (RK2005, RK2006)

20 Connection Rc3/8 Air (L/MIN)(at atmospheric pressure) H2O L/MIN 20-200 *1.0-10 25-250 30-300 — 25 Connection Rc3/4 40-400 1.5-15 50-500 *2.0-20 70-700 *3.0-30 100-1000 — *The RK2005 and RK2006 are compatible with flow ranges marked with asterisks (*) only.

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