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Kofloc Constant Flow Valve for Liquid Model 2600S & PVC Series

Constant Flow Valve for Liquid


This is a constant flow valve developed for liquids, and maintains a constant liquid flow irrespective of pressure changes on the primary and secondary sides.


1.Excellent constant flow valve for liquids The valve is made of high-precision parts for smooth control. 2.Immune to pressure changes The valve keeps the flow constant irrespective of changes in the primary- and secondary-side

(outlet-side) pressure. 3.Control of very small flow from 10 ml/min 4.Upper and lower diaphragm chambers equipped with airbreathers Air breathing during initial flow setting permits high accuracy control.


1.Analyzers 2.Environmental measuring instruments 3.Liquid mixing equipment

Standard Spesifications


Model 2600-S : H2O


2. Flow rating (at H2O calibration condition)

Model 2600-S : 1-10 ML/MIN PVC : 1-10 ML/MIN

10-100 ML/MIN 10-100 ML/MIN

0.1-1 L/MIN 0.1-1 L/MIN

3. Control accuracy Note 1

Model 2600-S : ±3% F.S.

PVC : ±3% F.S.

4. Operating differential pressure : 0.1 MPa or more

5. Operating pressure : 0.1-0.5 Mpa

6. Proof pressure : 0.7 Mpa

7. Materials of parts in contact with fluids

Model 2600-S : SUS 316, Viton, fluorocarbon resin

PVC : PVC, SUS 316, NBR, Viton

8. Operating temperature : 15-35℃

9. End connection

Model 2600-S : Rc 1/4

PVC : Rc 1/8

Note: The control accuracy is guaranteed only when the fluid temperature is constant,

because the viscosity varies with temperature.

Contact us for the detailed specifications.

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