Kofloc Compact Handy Mass Flow Control/Measurement Unit FLOW COMPO

Compact Handy Mass Flow Control/Measurement Unit FLOW COMPO

This is a compact handy flow control/measuring unit made by combining a compact DIN72 x72 power indicator [CR-400] and MFC/MFM. Features : ・ Compact, lightweight integral unit ・ The touch panel type permits easy FS scaling, flow setting, and valve opening/closing. ・ Free selection of joints ranging from one-touch type to Swage-lock. ・ The MFC-equipped type (FCC Series) can be used as MFM by pressing the OPEN switch. ・ Please contact us for the metal seal specifications for corrosive gas.

Standard Spesification :

1. Mounting MFC/MFM

FCC-3000-G1 : 3660 (MFC)

FCC-3000-G2 : 3200 (MFC)

FCM-3000-G1 : 3760 (MFM)

FCM-3000-G2 : 3100 (MFM)

2. Standard flow range (at N2 calibration condition)

FCC-3000-G1 : 10SCCM-20SLM

FCC-3000-G2 : 1SCCM-20SLM

FCM-3000-G1 : 10SCCM-20SLM

FCM-3000-G2 : 1SCCM-20SLM

3. Sealing material : FKM (option CR or NBR)

4. Response

FCC-3000-G1 : Within 2 sec. (F.S. ±2%)

FCC-3000-G2 : Within 1 sec. (F.S. ±2%)

FCM-3000-G1 : Within 1 sec.

FCM-3000-G2 : Within 2 sec.

5. Joint : Various joints are applicable.

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