Kofloc High-grade Mass Flow Meter MODEL 3100 SERIES

March 22, 2018


High-grade Mass Flow Meter




The Model 3100 Series Mass Flow Meter is a new, ad-vanced high-precision flowmeter developed based on the Model 3200 Series. The incorporated innovative capillary type flow sensor reduces pressure loss and ensures high response as well as ensuring stability.


Features :

• Equipped with a temperature follow-up type current difference detection flow sensor to ensure high accuracy and quick response.
• Measurements of minute flows available up to 1 SCCM full scale (SR option).

Standard Spesifications:

1. Flow range (at N2 calibration conditions) : 10SCCM-20SLM

2. Response : 1 sec. or less to within ±2% of full scale of  final value typical for 0-100% response

3. Accuracy : Within ±1.0% F.S./3100

4. Linearity : Within ±0.5% F.S.

5. Repeatability : Within ±0.2% F.S.

6. Proof pressure : 980kPa

7. Leak rate : 1×10-8 Pa•m3/s or less (excluding transmission of He)

8. Working temperature range : 0-50℃ (Accuracy guarantee: 15-35℃)

9. Materials of parts exposed to gases : – Body : SUS 316L, SUS 316, PTFE

                                                               – Seals : Viton® (Optional: Neoprene®)

10. Joint : – Standard: 1/4SWL®

                 – Optional: 1/8SWL® 1/4VCR® RC1/4®, etc.

11. Electrical connections : Dsub 9-pin male connector per KFC standard (SEMI standard)

12. Flow rate output signals : 0-5VDC

13. Required power supply* : +15VDC (±5%) 100mA, –15VDC (±5%) 100mA



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