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Helical Screw Flow Meter RS type

RS flow meters measure the flow rate based on the screw pump principle. The newly developed rotor profiles ensure a low-resistance, high-precision measurement while gently transporting the measuring medium.

VSE optimized material and technology in the bearing area. The combined radial / axial slide bearing is shielded behind bearing brackets shaped to be flow-optimized. The bearings are made from tungsten carbide and, first time in positive displacement flow meter, also made from silicium carbide (SSiC).

A sensor module was developed that enhances the functionality of the RS flow meter significantly. The sensor itself features two GMR bridges (sin / cos) and is housed in a removable stainless steel cartridge case together with a signal conditioning and amplifier unit. The downstream electronics unit features a high-resolution sin / cos-interpolator. Among others, the device features a programmable signal filter, which is able to offset unwanted, negative pulse sequences and detects and saves values that exceed the indicated flow and temperature values. A separate directional signal is available for 1-channel evaluations.

Performance data

Flow range 0 up to 3.000 l/min

Pressure range up to 450 bar

Temperature range -30 up to +120°C

Frequency range up to 100 kHz

Viscosity range 1 up to 1.000.000 cSt


Process technology


Highly viscous, paste-like, abrasive adhesives and sealants


High precision mostly independent of viscosity

Gentle fluid measurement

Pulsation-free measurement

Lowest pressure losses

High on functionality due to intelligent sensor technology

Short response time through reduced mass

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