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Tank Level Gauge

As the liquid level increases, the float in the tank rises up. While the wire connected to the float is being wound, the gauge shows the level of the content in the tank. Feature

  • Easily install assuring easy disassembly and maintenance.

  • Easy to mount on existing equipment or any form of tank.

  • Ensure safety against corrosive of poisonous liquid.

Mechanical Level Transmitter

Level Sensor Level Transmitter Mechanical Level Sensor


  • For controlling motors and alarming to control.

  • Easy to install and is generally used.

  • Widely used to underground or roof water tank.

  • Appropriate for short roof circumstance.


The buoyancy generated by the float operate the spring. And the gear connected to the spring moves to display the liquid level. In order to export current signal, you need to mount potentiometer RI convertor on the gear.

Technical Data

Selection Guide

Part Name and Dimension



① Supply power to the product. (DC 24V).

② Pull down the float to the bottom point and the indicator shows 0% point.

③ If it is out of 0% range, turn the zero volume on the convertor to set as exact “0”.

④ After “zero” adjustment, pull up the float to the top point and the indicator shows 100% point.

⑤ If it is out of 100% range, turn the span volume on the convertor to set as exact “100”.

⑥ Repeat the ①~⑤ step 2-3 times, and install the sensor in the tank.

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