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Mass Flow Meter Coriolis RHM100

Coriolis Mass Flow Meter Rheonik RHM100


Typical applications include:

• Terminal Transfer

• Viscous Fluids

• Barge, Ship, Rail Car and Truck Filling


• Standard pressure ratings up to 237 bar (3437 psi)

• Temperature ratings from -196 to 210°C (-320 to 410°F)

• Mass flow uncertainty down to 0.15%

• Density uncertainty down to 0.5%

• Repeatability better than 0.05%

• Typical measuring ranges between 300 and 12000 kg/min

• Accurately measure low flow rates down to 200 kg/min

• Unique robust torsion driven oscillation system

• Process connection customization available

• Approved for use in hazardous areas

• Stainless steel case

• Remote and compact transmitter versions available

General Specifications

• Nominal Max Flow Range: 12000 kg/min (26456 lb/min)

• Density Range: 5 to 5000 kg/m3 (0.31 to 312 lb/ft3)

• Temperature Range: 4 temperature range options cover temperatures from -196°C to 210°C

(-320°F to 410°F)

• Pressure Ratings: Dependent upon material

• Electrical Connection:

– Cable entry M25 x 1.5 (standard) M20 x 1.5, ½” NPT, ¾” NPT (optional)

– Max cable length to remote RHE transmitter 30m (98 ft). 100m (330ft) with optional high

performance cable

• Sensor Housing Materials:

– 1.4301 / 304 stainless steel (standard), 1.4571 / 316Ti stainless steel (optional)

– Epoxy coated aluminium electrical box (standard), 1.4571 / 316Ti stainless steel (optional)

• Enclosure Type: Protection Class IP 65. Optional IP 66 / NEMA 4X

• Material of Wetted Parts: Sensors are available in a variety of standard and custom materials to

suit a wide range of pressure ratings and chemical compatibility requirements. See the pressure

ratings listing in this document for further details

• Finishes: ANSI flange finish: AARH 125 to 250 μin, Ra 3.2 to 6.3 μm

• Certifications and Approvals: ATEX approval Zone 0: Ex II 1 G Ex ia IIC T1-T6 Ga

• ATEX rating Zone 2:

– Ex II 3 G Ex nA IIC T1-T6 Gc

– CSA USA-Canada, Class I, Div. 1, Groups A, B, C, D

– PED according to 97/23/EC Module B + C1

– CRN for all Canadian Provinces

• Documentation: All sensors are supplied with a traceable calibration certificate. Optional


items available:

– Traceable material certificates

– Certificates of origin and conformity

– Welding


– Quality

– Production and manufacturing procedures

Other documentation to client requirements available

• Proof Testing: Hydrotest, dye penetrant, x-ray, PMI

• Options: Enclosure heating matrix for elevated temperature applications


• Torsion oscillator design assures a stable and drift free measurement with excellent signal to

noise ratios

• Resilient to external noise and vibration

• Insensitive to pipe pressure changes

• Robust tube wall thickness provides increased operational safety in abrasive applications

• Corrosion resistant

• Long sensor life guaranteed due to low mechanical stresses in the meter mechanism

• No moving parts to wear or fail


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