Alia Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Alia Electromagnetic Flow Meter model :

Converter AMC4000 Electromagnetic flow meter

Converter For Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Model AMC4000 Series

ALIAMAG AMC4000 series is a battery powered converter be used with AMF series sensor in both compact or separate version.


Battery supply feed with 2~3 years life in normal working condition. Accuracy of +/-0.3% value of reading Bi-directionally measure flow and pulse output 3 lines of LCD display flowrate and totalizer Store 99 times of flowrate & totalizer for power on/off IP67/IP68 protection class


Excitation:Low Flow Cutoff:

square wave0 ~ 9.9 %

Display:Self Diagnosis:

3 lines of LCDThe following errors during application

Page 1/ Line 1can be indicated

5-digit flowrate- Coil failure

Page 1/ Line 2- Power failure

11-digit forward totalizer- Overlarge output

Page 1/ Line 3- Internal error

Battery status, flow velocity- Overlarge flow

Page 2/ Line 1- Empty pipe

11-digit totalizerCable Entry:

Page 2/ Line 2PG11

11-digit reverse totalizerProtection Class:

Page 2/ Line 3IP 67

Display instantaneous velocityIP 68(Submersible)

Page 3Explosion Proof,Exd(ib)ibqIIBT5

AlarmAmbient Temp.:

Flow Unit:-25 ~ +65oC

M3/Hr , M3/min , M3/sec , L/Hr , L/minHousing Material:

L/min , GPH , GPM , GPSAluminum alloy

Totalizer Unit:Power Supply:

M3 , Gallon , Liter3.6V battery supply

Measuring Range:Battery Life:

Min. 0 ~ 0.15 m/s2~3 years

Max. 0 ~ 15.0 m/sDetermined by size & function

Accuracy:Communication Protocol:

+/-0.3% of reading (velocity >= 0.5 m/s)RS 485(MODBUS protocol)

+/-0.0015 m/s (velocity < 0.5 m/s)Weight:

Repeatability:2.0 Kg (Compact)

+/-0.05% of reading4.3 Kg (Separate)

Pulse Output:Mounting:

Open collectorWall mounting

LoadBracket on 2" pipe

3 ~ 30 Vdc, max. 20 mACompact version(Install on sensor)

Pulse Rate:

1)Scaled pulse ( Liter/Pulse, other)

2)Frequency: 1~5000 Hz


4 control keys can change parameters

and switch display interface

Damp Time:

0.1~99.9 s

Data Storage:

Operation parameters and totalizer are

stored by EEPROM for more than 10 years

Converter AMC2000E Electromagnetic flow meter

ALIAMAG AMC2100E series Converter flow meter With temperature/energy function can be used with AMF seriesflowmeters in both compact or separate versions. FEATURES

  • Four line LCD display Flowrate/Energy/Totalizer

  • Accuracy of +/-0.4% of reading

  • Bi-directional flow measurement, current and pulse output

  • Large digital display,With temperature/energy function

  • 99 times records for power on/off

  • MODBUS/HART communication


Excitation: Keyboard:

Square wave4 keys from external for programming

Display:and display control.

4 lines LCD with back lightLow Flow Cutoff:

Line 10 to 9.9 %

Date and TimeDatalogger Function:

Line 299 times records for power on/off

6 digit flowrateRecord Data:

7 digit energy valueDate/Time when Power on/off

Fault code 99 years flow rate / energy /

Supply temperatureTemperature / Total flow / Total energy

Line 3One Record Data per Hour