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​​​​​​The conventional water meters suffer from the drawbacks that they are only
operable at a higher flow rate and are insensitive to a small flow rate. However, the
water meter can help tackle the bottleneck. And the meter is highly adaptable to
diversified industrial conditions.
The water meter be adapted by the company’s newly-developed unique advanced
transit-time measurement technology , with the remarkable features of low power
consumption, wide measuring range ratio, stable and reliable measurement.
In the structure, the components take the IP68 program, that is, each component is of an
IP68 protection level, to ensure long time operation though water in the inside
meter.The wireless power and various communication interface can be matched to
the meter to achieve remote meter reading.
This series of water meter’s production process is automatic or semi-automatic, including
automatic detection of circuit boards, the automation of the circuit board’s high-low
temperature test machine, the automation of potting and calibration process, ensuring that
every machines out of the factory are qualified.

Ultrasonic Watermeter WUF100W

    • Water (hot water, chilled water, city water, waste water)
    • Sewage with small particle content
    • Plant effluent;
    • Beverage, liquid food;
    • Ultra-pure liquids;
    • Type                      : Watermeter Ultrasonic
    • Power                   : Battery 3.6 V, EXT. Power 8 – 36 V
    • Size                      : 2”,3”,6”
    • Flow Range          : -
    • Instalation             : Flange to flange
    • Fitting                   : -
    • Flange                   : PN16
    • Liner                     : -
    • Temperature         : -10 ~ 45°c
    • Preassure             : 1.6 MPa
    • Accuracy              : 1 %
    • Material                : Steel
    • Electrode              : -
    • Output                  : RS485
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