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Valcom VPS series strain Gauge Amplifier/Digital Amplifier

    Model : VPS-A5-20.0MPa-2S(HL)-4

    VPS: DIN () 96 analog BCD output/Setting Output type Digital


    A5 : Output type : 0-10V


    Cable connection : Standrad conector

    2S : 2 setting/standard type /Realay output

    4 :Power DC 24V (100mA)


    Comes with VPRT (F) series pressure sensor

    Model : VPRT-200MP 3M Cable

    VPRT : High accurate pressure transducer for middle

    High pressure 

    20MP : Rated capacity(R.C) 20MPa

    Cable Connection : Standard connector equivalent to IP40

    Cable length : 3m Standard

    Connecton screw : R3/8

Valcom VPS series strain Gauge Amplifier

  • ■5 analog outputs and 4 BCD outputs can be selected and used together.
    ■Analog outputs are raw waveforms not via the digital circuit, and fast response.
    ■High capacity relay (250 V AC, 4 A) for setting output.

  • Refer to the pages of pressure sensors and load cells.

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