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It is intelligent non-touch level meter,the meter can auto-adjust power,control 
gain,temperature compensation,adopt advanced testing and computing technology,restrain 
fuction against disturb signal,increased measure accuracy,ensure the true measure 
results.widely applied in the measurement of different kinds of liquids and solid level,also for 
the measurement of distance.

Ultrasonic Level Meter WUL-200 output 4-20 mA only

    • Solid
    • Liquid
    • Level Range : 5M, 10M, 15M, 20M, 30M, 50M, 70M.
    • Accuracy : 0.25%-0.5%F.S
    • Blind Zone : 0.2-0.6m
    • Working Pressure : 2 Bar
    • Display : English language display: Level measurement, distance                        measurement, transmission value, ambient temperature,                      echo state, alarm display, algorithm selection.
    • Analog Output : 4~20mA/750Ω load resistance
    • Power Supply : 220VAC+15% 50Hz
    • Environment Temperature : Meter: -20~+60℃,Sensor: -20~+80℃
    • Communication : RS485
    • Water Proof : Meter: IP65,Sensor: IP68
    • Cable of Sensor : Standard: 10 Meters, Max to 200 Meters
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