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1 PV display: Indicates PV (process value).

2 SV display: Indicates SV (setting value).

3 Increase key: Increases numerical value.

4 Decrease key: Decreases numerical value.

5 Mode key: Switches the setting mode.

6 OUT/OFF key: Control output is turned on or off when control output is ON.

7 STEP / MEMO display Indicates the set value memory number (backlight: green).

8 Action indicators (backlight: orange. The colors are the same for all models.)

Temperature control AKT4R111100 Panasonic

    • Fast & easy configuration
    • Built-in easy programming function
    • Fine control of heat capacity
    • Built-in rearing auto-tuning function
    • Large display and keys
    • Compact design
    • Usable as a signal converter thanks to DC current output
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