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Switch Gauge PGS23,100/160

  • Pressure gauge with switches

    Bourdon tube measuring system, stainless steel

    Model: PGS23,100

    Specification according to data sheet: PV22.02 dan AC 08.01

    Nominal size:100

    Switch: magnetic snap action switch, model 821

    First switch operation: breaks

    Second switch operation: makes

    Electrical connection: plug sidewise

    Measuring range: vacuum- or compound-range

    Scale range; special (measuring system -1 bar)

    2nd Scale or Special Scale: -760 mmHg - 0 mmHg

    Process connection: 1/2 NPT

    Connection location: lower mount

    Liquid Damping (case filling): without filling

    Case: with pressure blowout disk

    Pressure gauge standard: International (standard Europe)

    Accuracy class: class 2.5

    Overpressure safe: standard

    Case material: Stainless steel 1,4301

    Case surface: bare

    Material pressure element: Measuring system 3161

    Window: laminated safety glass

    Ingress protection: IP 65

    Permissible medium temperature: -20 ... +200 C (-4 ... +392 F)

    Movement: stainless steel

    Manufacturer logo: *WIKA*

    Serial number on dial: Serial number *...*

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