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The WUF-100-IR ultrasonic flow meter is designed to measure the fluid velocity of liquid within a closed conduit. The transducers are a non-contacting, clamp-on type, which will provide benefits of non-fouling operation and easy installation.

The WUF-100-IR transit-time flow meter utilizes two transducers that function as both ultrasonic transmitters and receivers. The transducers are clamped on the outside of a closed pipe at a specific distance from each other. The transducers can be mounted in V-method where the sound transverses the pipe twice, or W-method where the sound transverses the pipe four times, or in Z-method where the transducers are mounted on opposite sides of the pipe and the sound crosses the pipe once. This selection of the mounting method depends on pipe and liquid characteristics. The flow meter operates by alternately transmitting andreceiving a frequency modulated burst of sound energy between the two transducers and measuring the transit time that it takes for sound to travel between the two transducers.


Remote Ultrasonic Flowmeter Flowmasonic WUF-100IR

    • Water (hot water, chilled water, city water, sea water, waste water, etc.);
    • Sewage with small particle content;
    • Oil (crude oil, lubricating oil, diesel oil, fuel oil, etc.);
    • Chemicals (alcohol, acids, etc.);
    • Plant effluent;
    • Beverage, liquid food;
    • Ultra-pure liquids;
    • Solvents and other liquids
  • Accuracy : ≤1%
    Repeatability : 0.2%
    Linearity : 0.5%
    Velocity  Range : 0~±10m/s, Bi-directional measurement
    Pipe Size : DN15~DN6000mm
    Temperature : -40°C~110°C
    Type of Liquid : Single liquid than can transmit ultrasound, such as water, sea water, sewage, oil, alcohol, etc.
    Pipe Material : Steel, stainless steel, cast iron, copper, PVC, Aluminum, glass steel, etc. Liner is allowed.
    Signal Output : 1 way 4-20mA output


    1 way OCT pulse output

    1 way Relay output

    Signal Input :  3 way 4-20mA input, achieve to heat    measurement by connecting PT100 platinum resistor,.
    Interface : RS485, support MODBUS
    Units (User Configured) Rate : Meter, feet, cubic meter, cubic feet, USA gallon, oil barrel, USA liquid barrel, imperial liquid barrel, million USA gallons


    Time : second, minute, hour, day

    Data Storage : SD card  Data Logger: Built-in, stores over 2000 lines of data 
    Power Supply : DC8~36V or AC85~264V
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