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Various applications improve working efficiency!
Floated oil recovery unit「Oil skimmer」

● Floated oil recovery for various types of washers and washing tanks
● Floated oil recovery for various types of coolant devices
● Floated oil recovery for in-plant drainage tanks and drainage treatment devices
● Floated oil recovery meter inside of the drainage tanks for oil stations, etc.

 For washers (Model TB-75)

○ Space ィCsaving and easy-installation with two bolts
○ Simple mechanism for easy maintenance
○ Highly-efficient floated oil recovery is achieved by the oleophilic and water-shedding special flat belt.
○ The recovery amount is constant as long as the belt touches the liquid level, i.e., the specially designed for liquid level change.
○ High use effect in the washer is achieved by the chemical-resistant and thermally-resistant special flat belt.

Oil Skimmer Sogyo RB-200AL

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