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•     Using mechanical detection methods, these types are not 
affected by temperatures, humidity, gases, etc. in the tank
•     Made with aluminum cases, these types can be installed and 
used outdoors
Operation principle
•     Operated with mechanical structures, JC7 series detect the 
heights of stored goods through the rotational movements of 
their wings
•     The wings are rotated by the motor. When resistance is 
generated on the wings by stored goods, the two micro-
switches are operated by the built-in cam.   
•     The first switch turns the control circuit on/off and the next 
switch turns off the motor to prevent motor overload 

Rotary Paddle Level Switch Parker JC7-SH-AC220V 250MM

    • Fluid used : Powder,Granules,Lumps.
    • Use division : Grains,Cement,Sand Flour.
    • Scope of application : Wheat flour, Soybean, Feed, Sugar, Cement, Sand, Gravels, Molding sand, Ore, Coal, Coke.
    • Voltage : AC 110V, AC220V/50/60Hz
    • Regulation of voltage : ±10 %
    • Power consumption : When the wing turns: 3 W
    • Contact point capacity : AC 250V, 3A
    • Pressure used : Atmospheric pressure
    • Rotation speed : 6 RPM
    • Torque : 500~1000 g/cm
    • Weight : 2.0kg, Heat radiating type (Separate weight for special products)
    • Ambient Temperature : Standard type : 0~6,For heat resistance: 0~120
    • Propellar Type : Oblique Wing
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