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The  IP800-Series are impeller (or “paddlewheel”) insertion 
meters designed for use with a wide variety of liquids in pipe 
sizes 1/2" to 8". Sensors are available in brass, 316 stainless 
steel, PVC, and polypropylene. Bodies are machined from a 
solid rod for maximum precision. High-quality jewel bearings 
and nickel-bound tungsten carbide shafts are used for extreme 
low friction and long life. Low-flow performance is good, al-
though other Seametrics flow meters are recommended where 
extremely low flows are being measured.
The rotation of the rotor is detected by a non-drag Hall-effect 
sensor. Output is a current-sinking pulse, which can be sent 
long distances (up to 2,000 feet) without a transmitter. This sig-
nal can be connected directly to PLC's, counters, and computer 
cards, as well as a variety of Seametrics controls and displays. 
Seametrics IP meters are ideal for chemical proportioning ap-
plications.  If no display is required, a simple divider such as 
the PD10 provides adjustable pump pacing. For rate and total 
display, the FT415 (battery powered) or FT420 (loop powered) 
flow indicator can be mounted directly on the IP80-Series 
meter, or remotely on a wall or panel. The AO55 blind analog 
transmitter can be used to convert to a 4-20 mA output. IP 
meters are also compatible with the DL76 data logger and 
FT520 batch processor.
The IP800-Series require special fittings that ensure correct 
depth placement in the pipe. Fittings come in a variety of ma-
terials for compatibility with specific applications. Tee fittings 
are individually wet-calibrated at the factory and marked with 
the K-factor (pulses per gallon). Saddle fittings must be field-
installed on the pipe and do not come wet-calibrated. K-factors 
for saddles are based on factory-testing.

Paddle Wheel Insertion Flow Meter 2 Inch IP810-S + FT430P

    • Industrial water/wastewater treatment
    • Cooling water monitoring
    • Industrial fluid control
    • Chemical proportioning
    • Type                      : Insertion paddle wheel flow meter
    • Model                    : IP810S
    • Power                   : 7 – 30 VDC(FT)
    • Size                       : 2”
    • Flow Range           : 9 m/S
    • Instalation             : Insertion (IP810-S),Wall mount (FT440W)
    • Fitting                   : EF81T-200 female thread (304SS)
    • Flange                   : -
    • Liner                      : -
    • Temperature         : 0 ~ 93°c
    • Preassure             : 28 bar
    • Accuracy              : 1 %
    • Material                : 316 SS
    • Rotor                    : PVDF
    • Output                  : Pulse
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