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The Model SL3488 Wall Mount Ultrasonic Flowmeter  (hereinafter  referred  to  as SL3488)  is  a 
state-of-the-art  universal  transit-time  flowmeter  designed  using  PICOFLY  technology  and  with 
differentiate  rate  is  0.01  ns;  the  flux  sampling  speed  has  achieved  1000  each  seconds,  which 
designed  for  industry  or  business.  It  compared with  the  general  flowmeter  and  other  ultrasonic 
flowmeter, has prominent characteristics such as high accuracy, high credibility, high performance, 
high response speed and low cost. 
Ultrasonic flowmeter’s flux measuring accuracy nearly can’t be affected by the flux temperature, 
pressure,  viscidity,  density  and  other parameters,  and  it  also be designed  un-touch  and  portable 
flowmeter,  so  it  can  solve  the  problems  which  other  flowmeter  can’t  measure  such  as  high 
causticity  , can’t electric, radioactivity and flammability and burst medium  fluids. On the base of 
on-touch catachrestic and compound with logical electron circuitry, the flowmeter could apply in 
multi-pipe diameter and multi-range of measuring. Other flowmeter’s capability application can’t 
achieve  the ultrasonic  flowmeter’s and  the ultrasonic has more and more attached  importance  to 
the  domain  and  it  come  into  being  series,  currency  developing  trends. We  have made  different 
track meters with standard, high temperature, prevent burst, humid type which are applied in the 
different mediums, different situations and different pipelines for measuring flux. 

SL3488 6 inch In Line Ultrasonic Flow Meter

    • Plant Effluents
    • Power plant flows
    • District heating companies
    • Mining
    • Petroleum industry liquids
    • Chemical Industry liquids
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Beverage Industry
    • Type                     : Ultrasonic
    • Power                  : 90-245 VAC,10-36 VDC
    • Size                     : 6”
    • Flow Range         : 7 m/S
    • Instalation            : Flange to flange
    • Fitting                  : -
    • Flange                 :
    • Liner                    : -
    • Temperature        : -40 ~ 180°c
    • Preassure            : -
    • Accuracy             : 1 %
    • Material               : Steel
    • Electrode             : -
    • Output                 : Pulse, 4~20 mA,relay,AI,RS232
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