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Flowmeter DW-U and Flowswitch DW-N

    • Display of the current flow
    • Simple adjustment of the switching points in accordance with small scale
    • Bermetic separation of the medium from the micro-switch using the bellows
    • Insensitive to pollution and magnet fields
    • High electrical resilience
    • Maximum operating reliability and serviceability
    • Can be supplied for all flow directions and installation positions
    • also available in Ex-version (ATEX, see page 10)
    • Version with two switches is available
    • Flow proportion: 1:5 max. (for type DW-U(N)-AU-FL and for all EX-types: 1:4 max.)
    • Switch/Measuring accuracy:up to 20 l/min ±5% (of final value) 21 – 200 l/min ±4% (of final value) 200 and more l/min ±3% (of final value) (depends on flow direction and medium at 20°C
    • Pressure drop: 0,1– 0,3 bar
    • (average loss of pressure, value on request)
    • Switch hysteresis: up to 2 bar 10% (furthermore it depends on pressure, value on request)
    • Operating temperature: max. 100°C (higher temperatures on request)
    • Ambient temperature: max. 70°C
    • Power supply: 250V/10A
    • Protection type: IP55
    • (IP65 on request)
    • Lamp: 250V/2mA (other voltages are available on request)
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