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The Firetrol® battery charger features a fully automatic 4 step charging cycle.  The charging cycles are as 
Step 1: Qualification Stage (Flashing yellow and green LEDs)
 During this stage, the battery charger checks the batteries to insure they can accept a fast charge.  It  
 also checks for missing or defective batteries.  If the charger detects missing or defective batteries a  
 fault will be given (solid red LED).
Step 2: Fast Charge (Solid yellow LED)
 Charges the batteries until they reach peak voltage.
Step 3: Bulk Charge (Solid yellow LED and slow blinking green LED)
 Charges the batteries at a constant potential of peak voltage until current reaches 500mA.
Step 4: Float Charge (Solid green LED)
 Trickle charges the batteries to maintain peak potential.
Charging Cycle

Firetrol Battery Charger

    • Fire Pump System
  • The battery charger also includes the following:
    • Selectable AC power voltage (115 or 230V)
    • Selectable battery voltage (12 or 24V)
    • Selectable battery type (Lead Acid, NiCad 9 or 18 cell, NiCad 10 or 20        cell)
    • AC power fuse (Type 3AG, 6A, 250V)
    • DC power fuse (Type 3AB, 20A, 250V)
    • Charger reset push-button (resets charging cycle to beginning)

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