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Battery Pack Type Li-Ion 10200mAh

  • Spesifikasi Battery Pack Type Li-Ion 10200mAh

    Baterai kering.

    Assemble with high quality 3.7V Li-Ion rechargeable battery pack is sealed with industrial Blue PVC
    Made of 21 Brand-new A grade cylindrical 18650 cells with PCB and poly switch for full protection
    Light weight and higher energy density than any rechargeable battery
    No memory effect and rechargeable
    Longer storage life than NiMH battery
    Built-in IC chip will Prevent battery pack from over charge, over discharge and prolongs battery life
    Perfect for building 25V battery pack for bike lighting, DVD external battery and other small electronic devices.
    Charged by Li-ion Voltage 29.4V Charging Battery Charger

  • Technical Specs
    Capacity: 10200mAh (full capacity)
    Voltage: 25V, 29.4V peak at
    Dimensions: 68 x 130 x 56 mm (Height x Length x Thickness)
    Weight: 960g
    Max. Discharge Current: 12A
    Charging Voltage: DC29.4V
    Charging Current: 1A
    Over-Charge Protection: 29.4V
    Over-Discharge Protection: 19.25V

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